Located in downtown Worthington, the COhatch shared kitchen, operated by PORTTION, is tucked inside The Madery Makers and Market. COhatch is a community town hall 2.0, a space where individuals, start-ups, small businesses, large corporations, and non-profits thrive TOGETHER—in the communities in which they live and love. We are in the business of creating environments where people and communities connect with their neighbors, clients, coworkers, and families. COhatch is designed to be a place to Work, Meet, and Live, and our vision is to replicate this "whole-life" approach to hundreds of local communities, impacting the world one person and community at a time!




The PORTTION Kitchen is an all-inclusive hub that provides flex space for artisans at every level, from start-up concepts to professional chefs. The PORTTION x COhatch kitchen, studio, market, and event space provides turn-key solutions for creating, educating, training, and entertaining. Developed for Columbus-based chefs to beta-test for COhatch expansion models nationwide.

To learn more about the space, email tania@porttion.com to schedule a tour!